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April 16, 2010

Citizens and Visitors of Remerton,


Recently we have had a substantial increase in home burglaries and theft of items from vehicles.  In regard to the thefts from vehicles, the thieves are going through parking lots, driveways, and other areas pulling on door handles looking for easy targets.  They are specifically looking in vehicles for Apple products such as IPods, IPhones, ITouch, etc.  Many of these vehicles have been actually broken into if found locked.  Please do not leave these items in your vehicle for any length of time!



In regard to the home burglaries, the thieves are targeting Playstations, Nintendo Wii Systems, and Flat Screen TV’s mainly, but have taken other items of opportunity.  Do not leave your blinds and curtains open at night with your TV visible.  We suspect they are driving or walking by and selecting homes to target later when they suspect no one is home.  They are knocking on the front door to assure no one is inside.  Some have kicked the front and back doors to gain entry, while others check for unlatched windows.  We suspect that when they target the larger items, they are traveling in vehicles.  In one instance, a driver dropped two thieves off at the target location and he/she parked the vehicle nearby.  When the items were gathered, they called the driver with cheap small “walkie talkies” for the pick up.  These types of burglaries are occurring more during the daytime hours when thieves suspect no one is home.



We are asking for your help in protecting you and your property.  Please copy all of your serial numbers for expensive items down, take photos if possible and place this information in a safe place.  This will help us when we come in contact with the item later in a pawn shop or someone is in possession of it. 


Please also be patient with us as we will be stepping up our patrols and interviewing people coming and going in Remerton.  We are taking extra steps to protect you and your property.


Report any suspicious activity to police.  If you have a tip about where we can find stolen items call (229) 247-2320.  You can leave a message at the police department and remain anonymous. 



Thank you for your cooperation, 


Remerton Police Department


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