Community Development

Construction Permitting

  • A building permit is required to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a building or structure.  This includes, but is not limited to accessory buildings, signs, pools, towers, manufactured homes, and industrialized buildings (DCA)
  • A permit is also required to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system, which is regulated by the Construction Codes.
  • Contractors, sub-contractor, special trade contractors, property owners, and home owners, whether residential or commercial, may be allow to purchase a permit and request their inspections for the construction or repairs, as long as it is in accordance with Georgia Law 43-41.  Sub-contractors (e.g. plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and fire sprinkler) must purchase the permit and request their own inspections.
  • Residents of Remerton acting as their own building contractor may purchase their own residential building permit, provided they are the owner, completing construction themselves, request and pass the required inspections, and are going to occupy the home upon completion. Those individuals may also purchase the sub-contractor permits (e.g. plumbing, electrical, and mechanical) with the same restrictions.
  • All permit fees are based on a fee schedule established by the City and located within Remerton City Hall. The applicant may be allowed to produce a detailed cost contract of the project as an alternative valuation to base the permit fee cost. If the valuation of the application is underestimated in the opinion of the Remerton Building Official, the permit will not be issued.

Plan Submittal and Review

Depending on the type of commercial project that is being proposed, the project will be classified as one of the following:

Basic Plan Review

The Basic Plan Review process is designed for commercial construction projects that are under 5,000 sq ft, less than 3 stories in height, and DOES NOT fall under the occupancy classifications Assembly, Daycare, Educational, and/or Institutional. Before a building permit can be issued, three sets of plans drawn to scale must be submitted to the Remerton City Hall for review by the Building Official and other City departments that are involved.

Plan Review Requiring Design Professional

The Plan Review process that requires a design professional is intended for in-depth commercial construction projects greater than 5,000 sq ft, more than three stories in height, or occupancy classifications such as Assembly, Daycare, Educational, and/or Institutional regardless of height or sq.ft. Before a building permit can be issued, three sets of plans drawn by a registered Georgia design professional must be submitted for review by the Building Official and other City departments that are involved. The typical required information may be as follows:

  • Site Plan
  • Title Sheet
  • Civil Drawings
  • Landscape Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Fire Extinguishing System Drawings
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Electrical Plans
  • Mechanical Plans
  • Energy Code Compliance Certification

Plan Review Fee

At the time of plan submission, a non-refundable plan review fee is required. The fee will be 25% of what the projected cost of the full building permit fee will be.

All plans that have been successfully reviewed and not permitted within one (1) year following approval may be required to be resubmitted for re-approval.

Construction Codes

The City of Remerton operates under the latest code editions adopted by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.  They are currently as follows:

  • International Residential Code with Georgia Amendments
  • International Building Code with Georgia Amendments
  • International Plumbing Code with Georgia Amendments
  • International Mechanical Code with Georgia Amendments
  • International Fuel Gas Code with Georgia Amendments
  • National Electric Code with no Georgia Amendments
  • International Fire Code with Georgia Amendments
  • International Energy Conservation Code with Georgia Amendments
  • Life Safety Code with Georgia Modifications
  • ADA Standards for Accessible Design
  • International Existing Building Code with Georgia Amendments
  • International Property Maintenance Code with Georgia Amendments


A 24-hour notice must be given for all inspection requests.  You may request your inspection by telephone: (229) 247-2320

Contractor Qualifications

All General Contractors, Residential Contractors, Electrical/Plumbing/Mechanical Contractors who engage in the business of construction within the City of Remerton must have a valid and current state license issued by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

Kevin Hollis
Building Official

Kevin Hollis started his services for the City of Remerton in October of 2004 as the Building Official. Mr. Hollis came to Remerton after previous employment with the Valdosta Building Inspections Department at the request of the Remerton City Manager to perform all plan reviews and building inspections for the Remerton jurisdiction on a contractual basis. Mr. Hollis has state certifications as Plan Reviewer and Building Inspector for both commercial and residential construction. He also has 30+ years’ experience in fields related to the construction industry and currently holds a Ga State License in Residential and Commercial Construction.